kuso v3.0.0a Release Notes

- The Options Menu has been streamlined to allow for more fine-tuning of sound options, as well as a better screen size option for folks who have very high resolution screens.

- In-Game Achievements! I've added a new menu option on the title screen to keep track of your achievements in game! Also there's a new in-game toast when you get new achievements.

- Local Leaderboards! Now your best time is saved locally and displayed when selecting a level in the...

- New Level Select Menu! Now you can choose practice mode, speedrun mode, and YOLO mode! Practice mode lets you play any level you'd like from the entire game with the option for Slow Mo, and allows you to practice for your ideal speedrun time. YOLO mode will restart the level for you whenever you die, and can be combined with Speedrun mode to

- YOLO Medals! Want a new challenge? Go complete levels in YOLO Mode in Level Select to unlock YOLO medals. Collect them all and you will gain access to something special, aside from the 26th achievement!

- Bonus Level! Attain the YOLO achievement and you'll unlock one additional bonus level featuring new mechanics and a unique style. Music for the Bonus Level is SC-1903, licensed from the Nash Music Library.


kuso (Android, DRM Free) 125 MB
Feb 23, 2020
kuso (Linux, DRM Free) 119 MB
Mar 10, 2020
kuso (Windows, DRM Free) 119 MB
Mar 10, 2020
kuso (Windows, DRM Free) 112 MB
Nov 26, 2018

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Hi, I know I just got the game for free, but (at least) the Linux build doesn't seem to be DRM-free and it asks for Steam when launched. Did you perhaps upload the wrong builds here? Could you please take a look at it?


PS: I'm posting this here since comments aren't allowed on the game page.

It's very possible -- almost certain! I'll work on that soon, sorry for the oversight!

Nice, thanks! <3

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The new updated build works just fine, thanks!

But I'm afraid that the new LOVE Linux build has the same problem: cannot run without the Steam client. Could you take a look at it, please?