Pulstario Pre-Purchase Demo

I'm very happy to announce that Pulstario will be releasing on a variety of platforms on December 23rd 2019. That includes Itch.io (Windows and Linux), Steam (Windows and Linux), macOS App Store, and Nintendo Switch. It's feature complete and I'm so excited for folks to get to play it.

In fact I'm so excited for folks to play it that I've updated the Pre-Purchase demo here on Itch.io with a branched version of the final game with 4 levels. This includes all the functionality you'd expect from the full game such as Arcade, Challenge, and Unlimited Modes, Level Select, YOLO Mode, Speedrun Mode, and Practice Mode. If you have a particularly good speedrun result, you should tweet it at me.

The demo is built for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and if the Mac version of the demo runs for folks, I'll work on including a DRM Free version of the game here on Itch.io when it releases on December 23rd, so please let me know if it works!

Also a reminder for anyone who pre-purchases the game here on Itch.io, you'll receive a Steam Key to also add the game to your Steam Library. It would be a huge help (if you don't mind) if you'd add the game to your Steam Wishlist. This is one way for the game to get better visibility at launch, which is the most critical time for visibility.

Thank you for your support, and please feel free to share this with your friends and followers. I can't wait to share the full game with you soon!


Pulstario Demo (Windows) 39 MB
Dec 06, 2019
Pulstario Demo (Linux) 39 MB
Dec 06, 2019
Pulstario Demo (Mac) 41 MB
Dec 06, 2019

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