Pulstario, now on -- Ouya?

I'm happy to announce that Pulstario is now available for the -- OUYA?!

Hold on a second, that can't be right, but it is?

This morning I received an e-mail from ProHiScore Studios about supporting the long dead and decomposing platform, to which I initially laughed at then deleted. But then I thought about it a bit longer and pulled my Kickstarter Backer version out of the closet.

Every time I see this little insert I feel punched in the gut. I released LOVE on the Ouya way back in 2013 and while many players enjoyed it and many downloaded the demo, I never sold enough copies to meet the minimum payment threshold, so I never got paid for it. That's always left a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to the Ouya.

That aside, I started thinking about what it would take to actually port my games to the little brick. I've already made Android versions that seem to run on very old hardware, so it seemed possible. I sideloaded the existing mobile version, and it booted! But the controller didn't work. So I wrote a program that would read out the numerical value of the buttons pressed on the Ouya controller, and then rewrote the input scripts, and viola~

I've posted my findings here: https://twitter.com/thatsmytrunks/status/1244344766147497989

If you have an Ouya and want to install a brand new game to it, Pulstario is now available as a sideloadable APK. It will only work with the Ouya and will only work with an Ouya controller, so if you're part of the tiniest sliver of the venn diagram of active ouya players looking for new games, I've got you covered.

Thank you for believing.


Pulstario (OUYA Version) 153 MB
Mar 29, 2020

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So good!  Love it.  Very entertaining.  

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       / _ \
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Thanks will buy for certain now

Dude, that’s cool. May give this a go later tonight.