Controller Display v1.1 - New Skins + Image Masks

Heya! I've uploaded a substantial update for the Controller Display application that I think you'll find useful. If you need help with the application, please come hang out in the Mokuzai Studio Games Discord Channel.

- Now you are prompted to press a face button to start tracking that controller. This happens at application start, and you can change the controller being tracked by clicking on "ABOUT" then "BACK".
- I added three new controller skins: XBox Series X Controller, PlayStation 5 Dual Sense Controller, and Sega Saturn controller with 8bitdo DIY Kit Default Mapping.
- I've added Image Masks for every single controller in five different sizes. You can use these instead of Chroma Keying the controller window, which is a cleaner way of presenting the image. Instructions for usage are found in the Image Mask folder.
- (1.1a) Added Guitar Hero Controller Skin

Future plans:
- Nintendo GameCube Controller Skin, Sega Genesis 6-Button Controller Skin, and Nintendo 64 Controller Skins
- Redo menu system


Controller Display (v1.1) 2 MB
Jul 30, 2020

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Thanks for this! I know there are websites that can do the same thing, but I never trust cloud services to remain online. I will always use locally stored programs for my needs, and your program is the best. Thanks again!