Controller Display v1.5 Released

Controller Display v 1.5 is available for download! 

This includes only one small update, but is a fairly big one. The number one question I get is "why can't I get this to work", and 9/10 times it's because of the controller not being an XInput device. My suggestion then is always to get a wrapper like the free, open source XOutput, but sometimes it doesn't work because the controller created by XOutput isn't prioritized by the application's virtual port selector, which was unfixable by the user. So I've fixed it! All of that aside, here's the flow chart for how to use this:

Problem: My controller isn't displaying when the window isn't focused.

Answer: Is it a native XBox controller? If no, download XOutput, click "Add controller", "edit", then configure a new virtual XInput controller.

Problem: I've created an XInput Controller using XOutput or my favorite Wrapper, but it still tells me my controller isn't supported.

Answer: I recommend closing the program and opening it again. If it doesn't work immediately, try using the Left and Right buttons on the menu's "SET PORT" section to find your Virtual XInput controller. They're typically on port 0 or 1, but I support all the way to port 999.

My hope is that these two scenarios are now covered, and no one will have any problems. But failing that, you can always join the Mokuzai Games Discord and ask for help in the Controller Display Channel.

Hope this helps!


Controller Display (v1.5) [Old Compatibility Version] 2 MB
Oct 05, 2020

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