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Pulstario, now on -- Ouya?
I'm happy to announce that Pulstario is now available for the -- OUYA?! Hold on a second, that can't be right, but it is? This morning I received an e-mail from...
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Pulstario, now with Android Support
Hey all! Pulstario's been doing fairly well since its release on Steam and Nintendo Switch, and today I finished work on the Android release of the game. Touch...
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Pulstario -- Out Now!
Happy December 23rd to everyone! Pulstario is finally available for purchase and download on, Steam , and the Nintendo Switch . I hope you'll be able to...
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Pulstario Pre-Purchase Demo
I'm very happy to announce that Pulstario will be releasing on a variety of platforms on December 23rd 2019. That includes (Windows and Linux), Steam (W...
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