LOVE, now on Ouya, again!

I'm happy to announce that since I did the work to release Pulstario on Ouya earlier today, I was able to take my learnings and findings and apply them to LOVE. Unfortunately the Ouya service is long dead, and deservedly so, so you won't be able to simply update your existing purchase of LOVE via Ouya's now super duper dead marketplace. This APK is easy enough to sideload, and will sit next to your existing version of LOVE from way the heck back in 2013. This version includes every quality of life improvement shown in the Nintendo Switch release from last year.

So dust off that Ouya and give it a try!

If you do not own LOVE through but have purchased it on Ouya already, please forward or screenshot your receipt for LOVE on the Ouya to, and I'll get you set up with a code for

Please note that this build will ONLY work on Ouya with an Ouya controller -- no other devices or controllers are compatible.


LOVE (OLD OUYA Version) 52 MB
Mar 30, 2020


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more


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Hi. Restock steam keys for GDC Relief bundle, please

Your game seems really nice to me, 
I'm disappointed that I don't have the money to get it 
( on Steam )