LOVE 2.0.0c - Another Tiny Update

2.0.0c Has been uploaded, makes the following changes:

• Fixed the Options Menu -- I didn't realize I'd made a horrible mistake on the DRM Free version of the options menu, and I'd made an even WORSE mistake when making the mobile version branch. Fortunately all these things are fixed.
• Replaced the tutorial prompt -- The tutorial now defaults to showing the default keyboard keys rather than the ordinal gamepad buttons on PC/Linux
• Went back to VM -- GMS2's YYC compiler introduced a lot more problems than solutions, so I've decided to go back to the VM compiler. It's safer and more reliable for me, and shouldn't leave a noticeable performance impact except for making the initial load take four seconds instead of one.


LOVE (Windows) 60 MB
Apr 02, 2020
LOVE (Linux) 40 MB
Apr 02, 2020


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The DRM free version does not seem to work on Linux. All is does on my machine is launch Steam.