LOVE 2.0.0d - Ouya -- again, again

"Fred, did you really update LOVE for the Ouya again?"

Yes. I did.


Mostly to see if I could. And to see how the 60 frames per second update on Windows/Linux/Android would run on the tiny brick I keep packing away an putting in my closet saying "this is the last time I'm touching this cursed object".

"And how does it feel?"

Updating the Ouya build? Real weird. But the game itself? It feels great. Thanks to polling the inputs on the controller directly and the introduction of coyote frames, the game feels a lot more responsive on the Ouya's inherently awful, input-lag laden controller.

"Is this the last time?"

I want to say yes.

Enjoy the update, y'all.


LOVE (Ouya) 51 MB
Apr 05, 2020


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